• British modern art
    British modern art
    Dates:December 2010 February 2011
    Venue:1st Floor, Sichuan Museum
    This is a significant advance has been introduced in the exhibition --- British Contemporary Art Exhibition, held in Chengdu, the time is in December this year, and now had "not wait" to want to tell you about the. Because of this exhibition brings…
About The museum

Sichuan plain has been enjoying the reputation of “Tianfu"(The Land of Abundance) both for its abundant natural resources and rich cultural heritage. A great numbers of relics discovered here provide the opportunity to build a comprehensive museum, accordingly, the Sichuan Museum was found in the early 1940. Since then, generations of people, through their hard work and unremitting effort, have made the museum collection more than 300000 pieces, which allows Sichuan Museum ranks the sixth large museum in China. To meet the requirement of fast increasing number of relics, a group of total new buildings for Sichuan Museum were designed and constructed in the Huanhua park near...